Food Options

On-Campus Dining Options:

Socrates Café: Located in the Center for Graduate and Undergraduate Studies (CGUS), Socrates offers a variety of menu options, ranging from fresh salads, soups and deli sandwiches, to grilled specialties, pizza and more.

Plato II Go: Located adjacent to Socrates Café, Plato II Go offers an endless Tex-Mex combination of burritos, quesadillas, salads, nachos and more topped with house-roasted meats, fresh vegetables and authentic salsas and sauces. Grab-and-go food selections and drinks are also available.

Boxed Lunches: The Executive boxed lunches include delicious sandwiches served on fresh baked croissants or assorted artisan breads with lettuce, tomato and a sweet dill pickle. Each sandwich is accompanied with a pasta salad, gourmet dessert and appropriate condiments. We will also have Executive boxed salads, as well as gluten-free sandwich and salad options.