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Downloadable Logos

Click on file type extension to download. Actual image sizes are larger than that depicted.

Some logos, particularly athletic logos, are being tweaked. If you need a logo that you do not see here, please contact Maddisen Petitta ( or Jennifer Cherof (

Life University black and white logo .ai (>250K)
.eps (>450K)
.jpg (>90K)
.pdf (>270K)
.png (>45K)
.tif (>895K)
Life University color logo 

.ai (>250K)
.eps (>445K)
.jpg (>110K)
.pdf (>265K)
.png (>45K)
.tif (>2.3M)

Life University logo
Black and White
Life University logo
LIFE Athletics logos thumbnail .eps (>2.95M)
.jpg (>1.7M)
.pdf (>545K)
LIFE primary and secondary thumbnail

.eps (>1.8KM)
.jpg (>985K)
.pdf (>600K)

LIFE Athletics icons
Black and White
  LIFE Primary &
Secondary logos

.aiNative Adobe Illustrator file. Vector and raster formats. Supports transparency. Not for web use.

.epsEncapsulated PostScript file. Vector and raster formats. Supports transparency. Usually provided to printers and designers and not placed on the web.

.jpgMost commonly used photography format. Small file size. Widely used on the web. Does not support transparency. Loses some integrity with repeated saving.

.pdfPortable Document Format. Often used for documents and online forms, and not for images. Well supported on the web.

.pngPortable Network Graphics. Used mostly on the web as an alternative to GIFs. Supports transparency. Some browser do not support it well.

.tifTagged Image File Format. Used often for faxes and black and white, and text-heavy images. File sizes can be large, so it can be a poor alternative for the web.

PowerPoint Templates

Life University Powerpoint template photo design .pot
Life University Powerpoint template logo design  .pot
Life University Powerpoint template campus design .pot
Life University
Photo Design Template
Life University
Logo Design Template
  Life University
Campus Design Template
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