What makes creative people unique is that they see the world from a slightly different lens than the rest of us.  This means having the ability to come up with genius headlines and concepts or devise a color scheme that meshes together burnt umber and Tahitian bronze – you might not ever consider putting those two colors together, but a graphic artist would, and the end result is amazing.

Above all, the Marketing Department is tasked with maintaining and protecting the LIFE “brand.”  This means that, overall, our designs and concepts have a certain look and feel.  It’s not enough to simply slap the LIFE logo onto a Google image and say, “Let’s go with this.”  The Marketing team is happy to design a concept for you that will meet all your needs and expectations, which will still fall within the parameters of the LIFE “brand.”


Graphic Design/Illustration Advertising
Illustration Direct Mail/Brochures
Logo Design Promotional Materials
Publication Revisions & Reprints University Business Cards

University Collateral Materials

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