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Consistent Messaging
Across the University

Ensure your message is recognizable as part of the LIFE brand.

Life University Marketing Department

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Target Your Audience
With The Right Message

Let us help you define your broadest yet most targeted market.

Life University Marketing Department

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Multiple Marketing
Channels to Help
You Achieve Your Goals

Print, video, web presence, social media & event planning.

Life University Marketing Department

About Us

University Communications and Marketing, the central office for Life University–Atlanta, offers assistance with news management, media relations, writing and editing, publications management, graphic design, web design, online communications, social media, marketing and special events planning. We are uniquely positioned to provide an institutional perspective when working with campus units.

At Life University we embrace our philosophy and integrate this into who we are today, tomorrow and in the future. We maximize the expression of the perfection within by recognizing and respecting that all living systems are conscious, self-developing, self-maintaining and self-healing. We also believe these systems function optimally when they're free of interference and recognize that there are three types of interference: physical trauma, environmental toxins and emotional stresses.

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