Another aspect of our LIFE brand is that of Special Event Services. We strive to have every component exceed its potential and enhance what is the Life University brand. As a part of Creative Communications, the University provides you with the expertise and experience of individuals who are suited for special events. If you are planning an event on campus, contact Marketing for assistance. Please have answers to the following steps before your meeting with us:

What is the goal of your event?
Select the best date and time for your event and have alternates.
Estimate the number of attendees.
Determine catering needs, if any.
Determine your event budget.
Select your preferred venue (indoor/outdoor) and type of set-up style (classroom, theater, cocktail, U-shape, etc.).
Determine what campus services you need for your event (parking signs, security, audio-visual, photography, marketing, printed materials).

Our events team can then assist you with details for your event and review event policies and procedures with you to ensure your event is a success for your group and the University.


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Event Collaterals Food & Entertainment
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