Helpful Hints & Information

Fall CElebration Hints from Your Hosts

Fall CElebration Guests sometimes refer to Fall CElebration Hosts as “volunteers.” They really aren’t. Although some of them do volunteer for additional shifts where needed, they are all professionals in their roles at LIFE. They are also serving in their capacity as professionals when they serve as your Hosts at Fall CElebration. They do their best To Serve you as welcome Guests.


We appreciate our Guests.

Fall CElebration Hosts appreciate your suggestions and notice when things need to be improved. Here are some things that your Hosts would like you to know (and do) to help minimize the interference to an enjoyable Guest experience.

Georgia Law – EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Georgia Law is offered daily. Please check the schedule for times and locations.

First come, first served.

We do our best to predict which courses will be large, based on past demand. However, in some of those past years, a change in a state’s laws or the release of a new product has caused a spike in demand. And, some classes are just really popular and fill up fast. Seating is based on a first come, first served basis, so please show your Hosts the courtesy of observing legal classroom seating capacities. Both our Guests’ safety and meeting accreditation standards for postgraduate education are our highest priorities.

Therefore, no saved seats.

As an institution of higher learning, we place a high value on the “education” part of “continued education.” We also place a high value on integrity and fairness and favoring those who share our values. To optimize the experience for Guests who arrive on time to attend classes required for their state re-licensure, we will do our best as Hosts to ensure they, not someone who is late, receives a seat.

Backpacks recommended.

In our continuing efforts to be fair to all Guests, Hosts will be asking you to take personal items with you when scanning out of classes. Items cannot be left as “place holders” or “seat savers” in classrooms, particularly when scanning out before the lunch break. As students in continuing education classes at Fall CElebration, it’s likely you will find backpacks to be helpful in managing your personal belongings.

Classes begin and end on time.

One of the primary functions Fall CElebration Hosts provide for you is ensuring that we adhere to the schedule so that you get the maximum number of hours possible by maintaining attendance and time integrity. To that end, we ask that you follow the schedule so that your colleagues and speakers are not disrupted.

Can I get all my Georgia credits at Fall CElebration?

You sure can! All 20 hours of it. However, it’s going to take some preparation and commitment on your part to get them all in. For your convenience, we have both the State Approvals and the Schedule of Classes and Events online so that you can map out your preferred classes and their locations.

Know which classes you need.

LIFE’s Postgraduate Department ensures that its program meets the standards of your licensing agency with regard to attendance and credits. Hosts will help you find your desired class, but are not qualified to advise you on the requirements for your license renewal. The Registration area (served by the Postgraduate Department) is the best source for specific information regarding state requirements.

How do I figure out which classes I need?

It takes a bit of time, but it’s not too tough – and a little preparation goes a long way. For your convenience, we have both the State Approvals and the Schedule of Classes and Events online so that you can map out your preferred classes.

Have first, second, and even third choices ...

in case the class you want is filled (especially if you know it’s really popular).

What's "App" with that?

Our techie guests spoke, and we listened! You can easily link to the handy dandy online, filterable Fall CElebration Special Events schedule from the LIFE app.

Parking. On a college campus. #NoValets.

Because Fall CElebration is held on LIFE’s campus, the best way to prepare for your time here is to recall your student days. No matter where you went to school, undergrad or grad, chances are good your experience prepared you to know that parking is going to be tight. Fall CElebration is no exception; with 1,700 Guests, it is well attended with limited parking. We highly encourage you to use hotel shuttles or alternative methods of transportation, including Uber or Lyft.

If you’re on time, you’re late. If you’re late, you may lose credits.

Yep, that’s the truth. Since Fall CElebration serves primarily as an educational event, when attending sessions, please be prepared to arrive on campus early and be in a seat well before your session begins. Unexpected (sometimes long) delays in travel can happen, and it’s best not to count on smooth sailing when you hit “the ATL” because, hey…

Know your buildings and landmarks! Check the building/classroom map

  • Classes are offered for credit in four different buildings on campus: CGUS, CCE, Mod 7, and SHS.
  • College of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies (CGUS) Building (“Annex B,” 1980s) – top of the big stairs
  • College of Chiropractic Education (CCE) Building (“Annex C,” 1980s) – bottom of the stairs
  • Mod 7 – far side of CC-HOP/Student Clinic Building (1974)
  • Main Gym/TIC Auditorium – other side of Barclay Circle (Sport Health Science (SHS) Building, 1990s)
  • Bell Tower – (main entrance, 1999)
  • Center for Health and Optimum Performance (C-HOP) (Outpatient clinic, mid-2000s)

It's Atlanta. There's going to be traffic.

Please time your departure to account for the time of day you will be arriving at LIFE through Metro Atlanta traffic. Morning rush traffic starts at around 6:00 a.m. and ends just about the time the lunch traffic starts. Lunch traffic ends about the time school traffic starts, which stretches across the time evening rush traffic starts, which stretches across everyone waiting until the worst of it is over before heading home.

Shuttles. Theirs and ours.

Ours  = LIFE shuttles = on-campus transportation by courteous, friendly and helpful drivers, operating all day between shuttle stops in parking lots and at classroom buildings.

Theirs = Hotel shuttles = transportation to and from campus by your hotel’s service (LIFE partner hotels offer this service – see Transportation section) and will probably require advance notice and/or reservation to get you to campus and then back to the hotel. Be sure to check on this with the hotel front desk.

Each of LIFE’s four, 18-passenger shuttle vehicles is equipped with a wheelchair lift, and we also use a smaller cart that zips around campus quickly. Over the five days of Fall CElebration, our LIFE shuttle drivers become acquainted with our guests’ special transportation needs: we have it handled for you!

Climate change. It's for real.

The classrooms and other areas in which you will take classes are set to hold the temperature between 68-72 degrees. The number of people in a classroom or other area makes a big difference in the temperature, and it can take the HVAC system time to catch up. Other times, we can’t cool down one classroom before a certain point without creating an Arctic event in an adjoining one. We have HVAC personnel on hand and do our best to address your comfort, but we may not always be able to make you perfectly comfortable. Keyword: Layers. Yes, please wear a few layers and be ready to take one off or add one on.

Food and beverage service.

Each year, providing you and hundreds of your colleagues with a program of nearly free CE gets a little tougher budget-wise. This year we will continue to provide free water and coffee on a daily basis. However, like at many seminars today, snacks will be sold. The good news is that the choices will be a higher quality than in the past (we heard you)! For premium coffee and meal availability choices at Fall CElebration, please see the On-Campus Food Options on this website.

Mobility Needs

There’s bit of walking to do, and there are stairs. If you have special disability or mobility needs, contact:  Postgraduate at 770-426-2787 or at by Sept 1, 2018.

Where can I buy cool Life U gear on campus?

You’re in luck! The Life U Shop will be open most every day of Fall CElebration – offering everything from dress shirts, polos, t-shirts and backpacks to onesies, license plate holders and jackets representing the College of Chiropractic and Life U Athletics/Running Eagles. Visit the Life U Shop page for operating hours during the event.